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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy has many benefits and areas of focus, and is tailored to meet your needs. We often find ourselves stuck in old familiar patterns that are challenging to change. Individual work can help you gain insight into ineffective patterns, reframe unhelpful thinking that leads to unhealthy choices and low self-worth, and develop new patterns to meet your needs and achieve your goals.  We will explore what experiences have shaped you to become the person you are today, what barriers get in the way of growth, and discover new tools to help you overcome these obstacles.  Individual work will help you gain a deeper understanding of the relationship you have with yourself and others, and give you the skills necessary to foster meaningful  relationships. Through self-exploration, acceptance, and change, self-transformation is possible.


  • Relieve symptoms and get support for mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, substance use, and other diagnoses

  • Identify triggers and barriers in your recovery

  • Develop new, healthy coping skills such as problem solving, self-soothing and emotion regulation to improve your mood

  • Identify thoughts that cause distressing feelings and unhealthy behaviors

  • Challenge & Reframe unhelpful thinking

  • Replace unhealthy habits & behaviors

  • Enhance the relationship with the self: increase self awareness, develop insight into self, and build self worth

  • Build healthy relationships, including conflict resolution, asking for help, repairing and enriching relationships, and increasing healthy communication

  • Gather assertive communication tools to get your needs met without using aggression or passive manipulation

  • Discover how to set boundaries with yourself and others, including letting go of toxic relationships

  • Improve Interpersonal effectiveness skills to enhance relationships

  • Communicate your emotions more effectively

  • Build your social connections, community, & support system

  • Gain support during difficult life transitions

  • Process trauma and heal wounds that are preventing you from leading an authentic life

  • Work through grief and loss- whether caused by death, tragedy, or a change in life stage such as divorce or becoming an “empty nester”

  • Create meaning from the experiences that have shaped you

  • Process issues related to sexuality and gender identity

  • Formulate career development and clarify personal & professional goals

  • EMPOWER yourself to make the changes you need in order to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life!

Couples Therapy 

The goal of couples therapy is to help you and your partner navigate life‘s issues and challenges together. Whether facing a loss or transition, parenting struggles, issues with in-laws, financial disagreements, or problems around intimacy and trust, it can be extremely beneficial to address these issues in a safe, neutral environment. Couples therapy provides an unbiased third-party perspective to help you and your partner explore what is contributing to the conflict, as well as pointing out problematic patterns in the relationship. My job is to create a safe space which allows each person the opportunity to express themselves and feel understood. While there may be situations where all we need is to feel heard and validated by our partner, often that is not enough.Couples work can help you identify the strengths in each other in order to help you problem-solve, assertively communicate, and explore solutions in a healthy manner. Additionally, you may find it helpful to learn tools to handle thoughts and emotions that arise during conversations and disagreements. It's important to be mindful that you and your partner are a team that have the ability to evolve and grow together.


  • Support each other during life’s transitions

  • Show respect & appreciation for your partner 

  • Discover and praise each other's strengths

  • Learn to communicate in a more healthy & effective manner

  • Identify triggers that lead to arguments and conflict

  • Reduce "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" patterns

  • Develop problem-solving strategies to alter the way you & your partner interact during disagreements

  • Reduce conflict and resentful feelings you have towards one another

  • Learn how you & your partner experience love as individuals

  • Increase loving actions towards your partner based off of their love language

  • Deepen the level of intimacy & connection within the relationship

  • Enhance your relationship emotionally & sexually

  • Find ways to reignite the spark that still resides in the both of you

  • Develop healthy boundaries in your relationship to increase both autonomy & connection

  • Process and grieve issues around infidelity

  • Collaboratively explore a healthier future for you and your partner

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be extremely beneficial to help the family unit cope with grief, loss, trauma, or a major life adjustment such a change in family composition. Family therapy may also benefit a family coping with one member’s physical or mental health struggles (one person’s cancer diagnosis, depression, substance use, etc.), as well as issues that arise in day-to-day life such as personality conflict. Working together, family therapy can help you create a more harmonious dynamic by processing feelings honestly, increasing empathy and understanding for each other's experience/perspective, and setting goals for individuals and the family unit that will intentionally align your loved ones. Additionally, family therapy can teach and empower parents to model more effectively how to communicate emotions, peacefully problem solve, celebrate each other’s successes, and support one another through difficulties. By challenging the roles we play in our family, changing ineffective patterns, and validating each persons' experience,  your family will have an increased sense of love, support, respect, and connection. 



  • Learn to differentiate & understand normal child development vs. behavioral issues or mental health concerns

  • Enhance & strengthen the overall relationships between one another & feel more connected as a family 

  • Improve communication strategies & listening skills so that everyone can express themselves fully

  • Gain more understanding about healthy boundaries & expectations

  • Understand how certain circumstances are affecting each family member

  • Increase assertive communication that emphasizes respect

  • Supporting families through:

    • Healing from Traumatic Wounds or Family of Origin Trauma

    • Divorce, Separation and/or Life Transitions

    • Generational Disagreements

    • Grief & Loss

    • Sibling Rivalry

    • Effective Parenting Strategies

Pricing & Details

  • Individual Therapy Sessions are priced at $200 for a 50 minute session. 

  • Couples Sessions are priced at $250 for a 50 minute session.

  • Family Sessions are priced at $300 for a 50 minute session.

  • Packages are available at a reduced rate when paid in advance.

  • At this time, I am not accepting insurance as a form of payment.

  • Payments can be made via IVY pay, Credit Card, or Venmo. 

  • Frequency of therapy will collaboratively be decided based on your need. I offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly options.

  • Please see Forms to review my privacy practices, informed consent, release of information, and details regarding confidentiality and payment. 

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